The Best Outdoor String Lights To Light Up the Backyard, Patio, or Balcony

The Best Outdoor String Lights To Light Up the Backyard, Patio, or Balcony

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 23, 2015

Here's a useful list for your summer outdoor parties. With LED bulb, battery-operated and solar-powered lights becoming more accessible and online retailers like Amazon and Lamps Plus stocking huge inventories, there are actually a ton of good options out there that you can order today and have this week. Enjoy.

Galvanized European String Lights

These go for anywhere between $150 and $200 (available at Amazon and other online retailers). They use regular 25-40 watt bulbs, and they're nice and big.

48 Foot String Light with 10 Galvanized Steel Shades for $74.52

48 Foot Vintage String Lights with DROPPED Copper Shades and 15 Light Sockets for $121

Petal Shaped Galvanized Metal String Party Lights: These are smaller and they use 5-watt bulbs for a dimmer glow for $19.95

Cafe String Lights: These with a cute rounded shade, on sale for $34.99-$89

Vintage Dropped String Lights at 50' with 24 low watt lights for $220

Fun Lights

→ Multicolor Mini String Lights, $15.50

Round Paper Ball String Lights (10 lights), $12.74

LED & Solar

Solar-Powered String Lights, 100 fairy lights measuring 17 meters long that are charged by the sun, $13.99

Solar String Lights by Plow & Hearth: These 100 count LED lights are solar powered, $29.95.

Battery Powered

Mesh Multicolor Battery Operated String Lights, $10

White Block Lights, $10

Inspiration Posts

Simple Green: LED Lights for the Patio: This photo comes from Danny Seo's blog and shows strings of LED lights on his patio. The advantage of LEDs is that they're energy efficient and they don't burn out as often as regular bulbs.

String Lights Zig Zagging Overhead: This post gives ideas for ways to install your string lights.

Good String Light Sources (linked directly to lighting page)

- Re-edited from a post published on 4/1/2013 - CM

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