An Art Gallery Owner's Eclectic Barcelona Apartment

An Art Gallery Owner's Eclectic Barcelona Apartment

Lula Poggi
Sep 15, 2017

Name: Martha, her husband Daniel and son Nicolas
Location: Gracia – Barcelona, Spain
Size: 754 square feet
Years lived in: 11 years, renting

Though Martha loves the Barcelona neighborhood she lives in — she describes it as a small town with artists living in it — it's her apartment that she considers an extension of herself. It's the place where she goes when she needs to relax. But Martha almost missed out on renting this apartment!

When she first saw it was available for rent, she didn't like it very much. The kitchen and the bathroom were not appealing, so she instead recommended some friends rent it while they renovated their house. The second time Martha saw the apartment though, she regretted her decision so much she made her friends promise that she could rent the apartment next when renovations were over and they moved back into their house. That was 11 years ago!

Her son Nico is the reason why she first starting thinking about kids being involved in art, and that's also why she opened up a little shop called PLOM, an amazing art gallery for children and families. It's a place where kids can incorporate contemporary art into their life at a young age and be inspired by amazing artists.

So yes, her home is filled with amazing art treasures, as well as a great many other lovely things mixed in.

CougardatingService Survey:

Our Style: Mixing things is my style! I have things from the street, local shops, things inherited from my mom, expensive design shops…and a lot of things that mean something to me.

Inspiration: I love AD Magazine, I read it everyday with my morning coffee; I love to snoop in the artist's houses that are published. I also like Pinterest, where I take ideas of children rooms for my gallery and a French site called The Socialite Family.

Favorite Element: I have several favorite elements!!! It's hard to choose one! I love my bedroom…the idea of it, the light, the colors…Also I like the living room coffee table, a gift I bought for my husband, which actually was for me!

Biggest Challenge: I didn't have any challenges currently, but I'm going to have one! I have an old trunk that I love that is being restored right now because it belonged to my grandmother. It's former place in the house is where the piano is right now, so I don't know where I'm going to put it when it comes back.

What Friends Say: I love to invite people and I'm sure they feel at home when they are here; they say it's really cozy. More than one used it as an inspiration and that is really flattering for me!

Biggest Embarrassment: The kitchen and the bathroom! I don't like them at all! But as I'm renting I don't want to spend money on them…

Proudest DIY: I would say the wallpaper of my son's bedroom. I didn't make it, of course, but it was my idea to put it there. I think it is really cool. The bedroom was so small that I had to incorporate a wow factor, and that was it! It's kind of retro and gives some perspective to the room.

Biggest Indulgence: The little man lamp at the entrance; it was on my mind for so many years. It was sold in a place where I used to work in when I was young, called Vinçon, an iconic place in Barcelona. Two years ago when I heard that the shop was closing, the first thing I thought of was that lamp. I went there and there it was!! Waiting for me. It was worth the waiting because I bought it at half price!

Best Advice: You have to decorate your house step by step; your life changes constantly and so does your house. Start with the basics and then take your time to think about what you feel and what you want. Also it's nice to save money for good furniture if you can't afford them right now!

Dream Sources: A shop near my gallery called Antique Boutique.


White Dresser — Ikea
Side Tables — Pilma
Side lamps — Pilma
Bed head — Ikea
Wooden Dresser — Ikea
Pop art picture — Mr. Alderete
Pillows — Calma House
Book Shelves — Ambit
Ceramic art — Sargadelos
Blue Chair — Columpiu
Side table — Columpiu
Ceiling lamp — Gotham

Bed — Ikea
Wardrobe — Ikea
Lamp — Ikea
Book Shelves — Pilma
Painting — Sergio Mora
Wooden man — Bateau Lune

Vintage pictures — Mercat de Sant Antoni

Lamp — Vinçon
Mirror — Inherited from Martha's mother
Chair — Columpiu
Cabinet — Columpiu

Table — Ikea
White chair — Modulolab
Yellow chair — Habitat
Green chair — Columpiu
Little red rabbits — Lost & Found Market
Little yellow rabbit — Tienda Tiger
Yellow Side lamp — from a friend
Painting — Sergio Mora
Sofa — La Oca
Red Arm Chair — from a friend
Coffee table — Alzira muebles
Carpet — La Oca
Book shelves — Ikea
Side lamp — Gotham

Thanks, Martha!

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